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aTTKaGqXctjlKZt 投稿者:Guhrcwfy 投稿日:2023/06/17(Sat) 00:09 No.147   <HOME>
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cheap louis vuitton Orig... 投稿者:cheap louis vuitton Original gear 投稿日:2023/06/17(Sat) 00:09 No.146   <HOME>
In addition, Italian brand Gucci (Gucci) also launched a sexy, scaly structure, named Jackie bucket bag. Wealthy shoppers can snap up the brown, hand-dyed alligator bag for $22,000, but you can get the same bag in cowhide for $2,850, which you can get for $2,300 Same bag made of soft lambskin. Want to increase the price by 20%? Louis Vuitton Outlet is selling like crazy! "Most of the popular styles are out of stock" "Buying a bag is like going to a market, queuing for an hour to enter the store"... The richest man in the world: We are full of confidence in China, Louis Vuitton Outlet is selling like crazy: "Most of the popular styles are sold out"

wkrXWhgBshtbcsHfuX 投稿者:Vwcbpxwe 投稿日:2023/06/17(Sat) 00:08 No.145   <HOME>
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louis vuitton taschen ma... 投稿者:louis vuitton taschen material 投稿日:2023/06/17(Sat) 00:02 No.144   <HOME>
According to Die Zeit, Beijing SKP shopping mall is a gathering place for international first-line luxury goods such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermes, Gucci, and Dior, and is known as the "global store king". A consumer told the reporter that she queued for nearly an hour on the third day of the Lunar New Year before entering the Louis Vuitton store, "I heard that Louis Vuitton Outlet will increase the price in February, and I plan to buy a bag before the price increase. , but the styles I want to buy are no longer available, and I?? sorry for the waiting time if I don?? buy them when I go in.??The situation encountered by the above-mentioned customers is not an exception. During the Spring Festival holiday, netizens posted on social platforms the queuing scene of luxury stores in Guangzhou Taikoo Hui, Beijing SKP, Shanghai ITC, Chengdu IFS and other business districts, and many stores adopted restrictions on entry.

CzdNUYjSZSXWR 投稿者:Oquexeay 投稿日:2023/06/17(Sat) 00:02 No.143   <HOME>
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ytZBccCFoSmzDIkIuZ 投稿者:Omerxxnt 投稿日:2023/06/17(Sat) 00:01 No.142   <HOME>
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louis vouitton alma 投稿者:louis vouitton alma 投稿日:2023/06/16(Fri) 23:56 No.141   <HOME>
On the Xiaohongshu platform, Xiao Ke, a luxury customer who lives in Beijing, complained, ??t?? not easy to buy an Louis Vuitton Outlet during the Chinese New Year. I went to China World Trade Center first. There are quite a lot of customers in the store. I asked SA (customer consultant) It said that popular models such as horns and presbyopia were out of stock, so I had to make a reservation. So I went to SKP to have a look, and found that the queues in front of Louis Vuitton Outlet and Chanel were longer than the other. On the fifth day of the Lunar New Year, I was in SKP (like) Big set."

iuWUYjnGTb 投稿者:Yjzuvflq 投稿日:2023/06/16(Fri) 23:55 No.140   <HOME>
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IpDKmldLOGUM 投稿者:Htekzqgk 投稿日:2023/06/16(Fri) 23:53 No.139   <HOME>
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BMhdGLGMLRDYBYn 投稿者:Lfzmqwrn 投稿日:2023/06/16(Fri) 23:48 No.138   <HOME>
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